Alteration areas based on ASTER images for Mineral Exploration

World Collection in Stock

This images have already been processed and they are available for immediate delivery.

The price of Alteration Index: 0,1 USD per 1 square km
Minimum area: 1 scene = 3600 km2 = $ 360 USD

Clic on the image/s of your interest on the map to know the CODE number.
If you need a big area, send us the limits, we will sent you a quote with the list of images within and a special volume discount.

The Product

You will receive both the alteration polygons in vector format and the Alteration Index image:

Alteration polygones

The Alteration Layers are provided in vector format showing polygons for each of the 3 alterations.

.shp (ArcGIS/QGIS) and a .kml (Google Earth).

Coordinate System:

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Advanced Product - Alteration Index

Alteration Index is the resulting raster image after all the processes, shows the probability of 0 to 100, for each pixel, of containing alteration.

We only mark as alteration those pixels with a very high probability (the polygons in red color).
However, this image provides other patterns and trends, interesting information to contrast with other field observations, such as NW-SE lineation (marked in green).