Order a special job on your area of interest to proccess ASTER for Alteration detection

Special Job Request
zona de interes
If you are interested in a zone that we haven't processed yet, you may request a special job for us to process your area of interest.
We will immediately let you know if this methodology is aplicable to your project and in afirmative case, we will send you a quotation.

In the works on demand, the alteration polygons are delivered together with the image Alteration Index

Alteration Index

Alteration Index is the resulting raster image after all the processes, shows the probability of 0 to 100, for each pixel, of containing alteration.

We only mark as alteration those pixels with a very high probability (the polygons in red color).
However, this image provides other patterns and trends, interesting information to contrast with other field observations, such as NW-SE lineation (marked in green):
Stacks Image 1396

The price of Alteration Index: 0,14 USD per 1 square km
Minimum area: 3600 km2 = $ 500 USD

(This amount includes alteration polygons in vector format)